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CLOUD ALERT Monitoring cares about your safety.

CLOUD ALERT MONITORING Services and their associated partners, work together to deliver real-time video analytics and timely alerting. Seeing what you cannot see.
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Powerful and affordable 24/7 Video analytics and Alert System

Far beyond simple motion detection and zone intrusion, our services offer state of the art applications that can be configured for detection and discrimination abilities. This service allows us to sift through the noise and offer alerts tailored to your requirements.  Agile and specific installations are the future of surveillance and video analytics in general. The cloud based application provides a simple drop in solution that works with almost any modern camera system.

Mission & Purpose

The applications we use within our services, keeps an eye on things for you. The alerts are sent, in real-time, directly to you or to your security provider when there is something interesting or needing attention. 

Proven Technology

The system has proven itself time and time again in real life criminal situations.  With rapid notifications to synchronised security providers has proven effective in saving lives and protecting property.   Thermal cameras are also enabled to provide monitoring in rural areas.

We are able to add to your existing CCTV systems

We offer scalable video and alerting for all

We can deploy locally or centrally

Our services platform enables third party, web, mobile and call centre client interfaces

We can ensure that there are nuisance alert rejections which help control room efficiencies

Our services work with technologies and applications that enhance lives by using computing capable of machine learning across the system and storage to the cloud


At Cloud Alert Monitoring, we want our clients to be SAFE. we believe in quality and providing services that have the right expertease.  We have spent time researching the various intelligent CCTV solutions available and have strategically partnered with industry experts to ensure that we can provide a full end-to-end, intelligent CCTV service to our clients.   


Unity is being together. It’s the opposite of being divided. This is a word for togetherness.  Together we endeavour to make our clients feel safer.

“One has a right to feel safe in ones environment, be it at home or at work.  Criminals are getting smarter, CCTV technology needs to get smarter.  Having Real-Time video intelligence capabilities, built on top of your CCTV infrastructure, is being smarter?

– Anonymous