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As part of our value add, our strategic partnerships enable us to provide smart applications, as part of our Monitoring Cloud Alert service, performing real-time video analytics on a continuous basis, day and night.  Analysing what is in the scene and delivering relevant and timely alerting based on individual alerting preferences.

For example, being alerted when someone is climbing over your wall day or night, a highway accident, when the your favourite animal of the big five are near the waterhole at your favourite game park.  We can even assist a marine biologist searching for a new species of shark, underwater, by remotely deploying an underwater camera and configuring the camera to send an alert when a new species of shark swims past, yes, that too.


The applications can be applied to more than a single domain and is carefully architected to take advantage of the latest computing advances while recognising real world constraints (cost, power, bandwidth, etc). These are the components used in providing this intelligent Cloud Alert Monitoring Service. 

You will have your sensors and your cameras feeding into a hub for analytics which will feed into a layer of components in the cloud. Your cameras are also able to feed directly into this layer.  This layer is the heart of where the machine learning and alerting will take place. .  As this data is configured based on your preference, it will then be pushed to whichever client interface you are using.  This will be on all interfaces, including control centres. 

The hub technology can be deployed at the edge allowing for video monitoring and analytics. Site setup is via the hub and it is smart.  With carefully defined inputs the system gets smarter.


Software that never sleeps



Intruder Detection for home, business or farm

Off-Site Monitoring

Situational Awareness

Neighbourhood Watch

Building and Property Management



Efficient Use Of Bandwidth

System Accuracy

Nuisance Rejection

Object Classification

Supports all Video

Multiple Channel Alert

System Health Reporting

Web/Mobile Interface

Simple Setup and Maintenance

Arbitrary Shaped exclusion zones

Insensitive to image Quality

System Health Reporting

Affordable monthly analytics fee

No Long Term lock-in


For business, family and property